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Robert Walter

Robert Walter, AuthorRobert Walter was 12 when he discovered that his father was the renowned Indian yogi Swami Rama, not his alcoholic "dad," Arne Walter. Swami Rama, who had taken vows of celibacy, told some close associates that Robert was his son, but never acknowledged him publicly. Privately, he frequently warned Robert and his mother, Shirley Walter, of the dire consequences should their relationship become known.

Still, Robert tried to forge a bond with his father, traveling with him to India and spending time at the Himalayan Institute's headquarters in Glenview, Illinois, and Honesdale, Pennsylvania. There he lived among "His Holiness Swami Rama's" most devoted disciples, witnessing their extreme beliefs and cultish behavior. Even after he learned that his father had had sexual relations with many women, Robert held out hope that his father would spend more one-on-one time with him and teach him his spiritual practices. After his father's death in 1996, Robert learned that Swami Rama had a wife in India and two children.

In early 1997, Robert was named "business director" of the Himalayan Institute by one of the guru's successors, and - lured by false promises of business deals and property from his father's estate - sent on several trips. This kept him under wraps during a successful civil lawsuit brought by one of Swami Rama's sexual victims, but also gave him some insight into the institute's business operations. After Robert revealed to several other institute leaders that he was Swami Rama's son, he and his family received threats. Once his wife and baby daughter were safely out of town, he fled the institute in the middle of the night. Since then, he has engaged in a search for the truth about his father and the many swamis and organizations that carry on in Swami Rama's name.

Robert, who earned a B.S. in Finance from Northern Illinois University in 1994, has been a licensed securities principal for more than a decade. During his career, he has held the titles of senior vice president, chief financial officer, and treasurer. He currently serves as chief operating officer of an independent brokerage firm. He lives in the Chicago area with his wife and two children.

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